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Written and Directed by Sisi Reid

Developed by: Thomas Bradley, Maurice Dixon, Skye Ellis, Tavish Forsyth, Charles Franklin IV, Makia Green, Chelsea Harrison, Marley Kabin, Rashaud Matthews, Jane Petkofsky, Devin Smith

Join Ally Theatre Company as we unveil a compelling new play in development, "Cradle and All…" This marks the first production under Ally’s new leadership, created by a collaborative team including actors, activists, individuals impacted by incarceration, improvisers, and director and playwright, Sisi Reid of Soul Shine Theater Garden.

Experience the journey of a spirited group of young people, each with a loved one behind bars. Through a blend of movement pieces, dialogue, song, and stories, the audience will witness the profound shadow incarceration casts as this group grapples with questions of justice, identity, and hope for the future. 

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