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September 30 - October 2, 2021

In partnership with the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage Summer, Long Live GoGoThe Sanctuaries, and Creative Nomads

We have all been moving through a time of deep release, healing and transformation. This time has asked us to tap into what gives us freedom in the midst of devastation, what brings us joy in the process of change -- what reminds us that as a people we are unbound --ready to use everything to thrive. The Mumbo Connection explores the true heartbeat of DC's culture through socially engaged art, gogo music, theatre, murals, and more. This community activation aims to bring the families of DC and the DMV together to celebrate native life, Black and brown liberation, create together, and experience art and stories from the community. This is freedom--the real DC--The Mumbo Connection.

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Coming Soon

Come see an original performance created and performed by men who were formerly incarcerated. This performance will explore the issue of solitary confinement. You'll hear personal stories, learn more about the experience, and join in an active discussion of change.